BlackByrd reunites with new members and new music

Tasché Burger, Tarryn Lamb and Tasha of BlackByrd. Picture: Supplied

Tasché Burger, Tarryn Lamb and Tasha of BlackByrd. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 4, 2024


Three of South Africa's leading female musicians have joined forces to revive the beloved singing group, BlackByrd.

The band now consists of original member Tarryn Lamb, and new members Tasché Burger of ‘The Voice’ fame, and Tasha.

The brand new group's first single is called ‘Didn't I’. The English track was a joint, and extremely successful, effort from the trio's own pens.

"The song was written in my garden!" Tarryn reveals excitedly about this feel-good country-pop song, which she also describes as "a beacon of hope".

"The inspiration of the song is to reach out to the person who perhaps feels a little lost during the healing process after the breakup of a relationship.

“That's why the song is a beacon of hope with the message that even if things don't feel good right now, it will get better and you will come out stronger on the other side," explains Tarryn.

"We all experience a broken heart at some point in our lives, and the song is about the whole journey. One is sad at the beginning, but as time goes on, one later wishes peace and happiness for the other person," agrees Tasché.

Tarryn, who is known for previous BlackByrd hits such as ‘From the bottom of my heart’ and ‘Better in the morning’, shared that ‘Didn't I’ means a new beginning for the trio as women, who are now part of the new journey of BlackByrd.

For Tasché, the song is special, as it is the first song they wrote together. "It's the beginning of our journey together as a group."

Tasha, explained that all three of them took experiences from their own lives. "The story line of the song is based on something that has happened in each of our lives."

Originally formed in 2012, BlackByrd consisted of Tarryn Lamb, Tamsyn Maker who died in 2022 and Axene Chaberski.

The music video for ‘Didn't I’ portrays a simple storyline of two friends who try to cheer up the other.

"I think what makes the video different is that there are three strong singers and I don't think people are going to expect to see the three faces together," says Tasha.

Tarryn says she is looking forward to the new path she will walk with Tasché and Tasha as BlackByrd.

"Every time I get the opportunity to do something new, to be able to embark on a new journey, it feels like a magical time. This is exactly what a high feels like."

The music video was shot in Pretoria by Eric T Graham and Tehan Buys.

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