Ross Learmonth on the new era in his career and love for touring



Published Jun 7, 2024


Singer-songwriter Ross Learmonth has entered a new era in his career that has allowed him to showcase not only his longevity as an artist, but his true talent as a songwriter.

Since his departure as the frontman of rock group Prime Circle, Learmonth's first few singles ‘Wild’, ‘Screaming’, and ‘Young’ all went to number one across a variety of South African radio stations.

“It has been incredible. It's for the good and the bad,” said the singer about his new era as a solo artist.

“I think it's been great to do that just to sort of allow people to be who they are and things to be what they are and get over yourself a little bit.”

Chasing the goal of trying to write a good song has been what has kept the singer-songwriter going throughout his 20-year career.

His debut solo album ‘Carousel’ was lauded by critics in 2023 and his newest single ‘Because of You,’ a ballad featuring powerful vocals and lyrical poignancy, with a chorus that begs to be sung.

“I think when I did the debut album, I wanted there were a lot of voices in my head in terms of things that I needed to do and you can only do your debut album once.

“I love the album and the journey it takes, but I think sometimes I over-thought the process and I wanted this time around to sort of just allow it to be simple, the song serves the emotion of the song.”

Singer-songwriter Ross Learmonth is back with his latest single, ‘Because of You’. Picture: Supplied

Learmonth has had a successful tour as a solo artist and his journey has been exciting, with international shows secured in Dubai, London, and with potential dates in Australia and New Zealand alongside Arno Carstens and Ard Matthews.

“It gets hard sometimes, depending on where the love is,” said Learmonth about the ups and downs of touring.

“You can sometimes tour, the places and it's harder, maybe the turnouts aren't what you expected, and that plays with the nerves of it, but I love the push.

“I love being busy, I love musical days, idle hands. For me, I don't know I don't want to do anything else. I don't know how to do anything else.

“I'm pretty much stranded if I'm not playing and touring, it's the weirdest thing, so I have to keep moving. I want to tour more, like my dream is a two to three-year tour non-stop.”

Even with 20 years of experience in the industry, Learmonth is still eager to absorb all that there is, especially now that he is releasing music.

“I think I've been in my bubble and working with certain songwriters and I went to a songwriting camp the other day where I was definitely like the second oldest guy and it was just youngsters everywhere and it was incredible to see the new talent. I was quite nervous.”

With the sky being the limit, Learmonth has plans to do live performances, perform at festivals and a potential clothing line, there is plenty to look forward to.

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