Wash cloth vs bare hands - how do you wash your body?

What do you use when you shower? Picture: Freepik

What do you use when you shower? Picture: Freepik

Published Jun 6, 2024


When you shower or bath, what do you use to wash your body? These days we have so many options to choose from.

There’s the old-school wash cloth, exfoliating gloves or those mesh loofah balls.

Then there are those who are firm believers in washing with an orange sack.

However, there are some people who use their bare hands.

Yes, they rub soap on their body and then simply use their hands to wash themselves.

Now for many this all comes down to how you were raised and what was used in your home.

Hence there are so many different views on the matter.

This American TikTok user seems to think that deciding on what to wash your body with is more of a cultural issue than anything else.

TikTok user @Internetmikey shared a video where he asks his friends from different backgrounds what they use to wash themselves with.

@internetmikey Cultural Differences are real 😭 @Internet Aaron @Your Narrator @Gaege Gibson @Mattwith_thelawns @Eddie #funny #TheBoys #InternetCity #EddieVR #YourNarrator #juicyFruitSnacks #fyp #shower ♬ original sound - InternetMikey

While all his black friends responded that they use a wash cloth, his white friends said that they only use their hands.

One said that he just rubs the bar of soap over his body.

He asked his Mexican friend what he uses and he responded that he uses a loofah, while his Asian female friend said that she uses a wash cloth.

The video has reached over three million people with over 23,000 users taking to the comment section to share their views.

“I don’t trust u if you don’t use a washcloth or a loofah (sic),” responded Mizzy.

Annabanna said: “African net sponge for the win!”

Candidlyshare asked the following questions to those who only used their hands: “For those people who just use their hands - do y’all wash dishes with just water and soap, or do you use a sponge? Do you just put toothpaste on your fingers and scrub your teeth? I’m genuinely confused.”

Overby, a white woman, said: “I’m white, I definitely use a washcloth.”

Another white woman stepped in and said: “I’m white as they come and I’ve always used something to wash with. I just upgraded from a lufa to an African net.”