WATCH: Here’s what to search on Shein to find Zara dupes

Online shopping. Picture: Cottonbro / Pexels

Online shopping. Picture: Cottonbro / Pexels

Published Jun 18, 2024


If you like what you see in Zara but are not willing to pay the steep prices, then this is for you.

Look no further than the online shopping store Shein for Zara lookalikes.

From dresses to tops, there are a whole lot of garments available on Shein that look exactly like what you will find in a Zara store.

However, if you’ve ever shopped on Shein you will know that it can be a struggle to find those kinds of clothes if you don’t know where to look.

This TikToker wasn’t going to gatekeep her discovery.

Kelly (@kellydoolan) has left people stunned after sharing that there is a special word you can search for that will bring up a whole store’s worth of incredible clothes that look like clothing from Zara.

“I feel like I've just found the best-hidden gem ever on Shein,” she said in a video that has reached over 280,000 viewers.

“Sometimes when I'm on Shein, I might see the odd piece and I'll be like, ‘That literally looks like it’s from Zara’. But I never knew this existed, so I'm just gonna show you!”

So what is the secret “word” to search?

She shares that the shop is called ‘Maija’, and it’s “literally all of the Zara stock”.

@kellydoolan_ Mind is blown?! Link is in my bio!!! #shein #sheinfinds #sheinhaul #zaraonshein #zarashein #zara ♬ original sound - KELLY

So all you have to type in the search bar is “Maija” to find the Zara dupes she’s raving about.

“Literally all of this stuff I've seen in Zara,” she continues.

“There’s so many dresses, tops, skirts, literally everything, swimwear … And the stock is literally out of this world.”

She continues to show viewers a few of her favourite finds and garments that she’s spotted in Zara.

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