People can’t stop thirsting over Stellenbosch’s ‘hunky’ lecturer

Sedeman is not just brawn, but brains as well. Picture: Instagram

Sedeman is not just brawn, but brains as well. Picture: Instagram

Published May 27, 2024


South Africans are at it again, doing what they know best - thirsting over good looking people on social media.

This time, Fabio Sedeman is the lucky man to have grabbed the nation’s attention.

Sedeman is not just brawn, but brains as well. He is currently a teaching assistant for the third-year module of political sociology at Stellenbosch University.

Additionally, he is a guest lecturer for Sociology 212: Poverty, Development and the Environment, a second-year sociology module.

The ‘hot’ intellectual is also a guest lecturer for Masters in Public Sociology and Anthropology and Sociology 114: Introduction to Sociology for first years.

However, it was not his intellectual prowess that made him one of the most talked about men among South African netizens, but rather, his model-level good looks.

TikTok user Solo Mathley who has over 13,000 followers posted on the video sharing app, admiring Sedeman.

She said that had she known when she was around 18 or 19 that Sedeman teaches sociology at Stellenbosch, she would have learned Afrikaans.

@solomathley #greenscreen he's so zadddyyy #fabiosedeman #stellies #uni #lecturer #bemine ♬ original sound - Solo Mathley

“I would have been his best student, I would have gotten cum f***ing laude. I did not even like sociology but for him, I would be going the extra mile.

“Emailing philosophies and other things that no one has discovered yet. He would email me back and then you know,” she said.

A lot of her followers agreed with her sentiments. “All of a sudden I am passionate about sociology,” one commented on the video.

Another asked: “If I apply for sociology at Stellies, are there different lecturers or are we guaranteed?”

A worried TikTok user even joked that they should leave Sedeman alone because he would get fired.