WATCH: Pilot flies SA flag across Durban to encourage more locals to go out and vote

Published May 29, 2024


Pilot Reinhardt Hanel has taken to the skies on Wednesday morning, to fly a giant South African flag across the Durban, hoping to encourage people to go out and vote.

Speaking to IOL, he said he'll be flying the 400sqm flag from uMhlanga, across Durban.

“Some years ago, we built it so that we had it on hand in the event that South Africa was to host a major event or there was a need to celebrate a milestone in our democracy! I think we have reached such a milestone as we celebrate 30 years of democracy,” he said.


The 400sqm flag that took two weeks to put together. Picture: Supplied


Hanel said that the idea was borne many years ago where a SA flag was flown over the city for the 2004 Cricket World Cup and again for the Formula A1 street race.

Hanel said it took around two weeks to put the flag together.

“Although we are Cape Town-based, I happen to be here in Durban with the helicopter that we have been using for banner towing over the last few months,” he said.


“I thought that it is too good an opportunity to miss, and fly it again on election day as personal contribution of love, respect and pride,” Hanel said.

“I hope the majority of my fellow South Africans have for our flag and country. I know the flag has featured in the run up to the elections, but the flag is real, it is here and it remains intact.”

Hanel hopes that residents will see the flag and make their way to their voting stations.


Reinhardt Hanel of Airborne Outdoor Advertising with JP Vinagre of Capital Air. Picture: Supplied


“I have had the privilege of flying thousands of kilometres, across all corners of this amazing and beautiful country over the last three months full,” he said.

“I have to say it has been an emotional journey for me meeting amazing people and staying in amazing places during this time,” Hanel said.

“My hope is that on the 29th May 2024, people realise the importance of the need to vote in such a way that as a country we hold hands to unleash the enormous pent up potential we have so that everyone wins.”


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